So here we have a Healing event on the 11th October as mentioned on BBC radio stations and Pheonix 98FM .. Press .. much more, this has been organised by Glynis Teager in association with the Healing Angels group lovely women at Tobys Carvery Southend on Sea, A127, Essex, SS2 6RL in support of the Cancer Resarch Institute, starts at 4pm till 10pm .. the world needs a cuddle too many in need of healing on planet, I am just coming along as a guest as I mentioned before making appearances small speech as guest book signings on location.

However, in Watford Waterstone October 10th 3pm book signing mentioned radio stations and press, touring since last year summer world and national press and magazine with updates TV shows much more, last year and earlier this year after christmas made an appearance BBC 3 Counties regarding TV Documentary Film both on April 15th day before my birthday just turned 51 🙂and again September for national screening TV distribution filming on location, updates touring after appearing national TV 10 years ago and before that, with regards to the continuation of the story. Interviewed by TV and radio presenter Anna Williams for an exclusive story regarding follow ups, once screened I will be in the mainstream everywhere follows up TV nationally both in UK and Ireland, and America rest world and so it is wriiten, the Documentary film is the story in relation to the book and much more angels, paranormal, shift on the planet which is extraordinary / strange change in energy, my purpose, the multi-dimensional universe, which has many realms of existence, dimensions, existences and planetary existences, my place is Pleiades all in the book came across the idea 10 years ago .. going through transformation, coming out state of Amnesia I see beyond what you call reality here, systems here. All is energy in the universe and you must learn love, start with loving yourselves that inner self who you are, infinite, all that is, all that ever was. Then you will love the world. That will teach you. ❤ super duper event stay tuned ... spread the love not hate .. time for your evolvement and development spiritually, on the planet change now, known throughout the universe.   

love and light Namaste OM Shanti