I am now appearing at Waterstones London Enfield, Thursday August 30th book launch signing event, public speaking returning back to my home town wher i was born, now working TV production companies in presenting a documentary film, national broadcasting UK as well as other shows to be aired waiting on dates on this amazing journey im on spreadlight hope and love in the world. I feel it will be very educational. I`ve had many requests for autographs directly in the pages of the book itself. If you`d like a signed copy of the paperback personal mesage me £12.50 - £3.50 UK Mainland, shipping other locations get in touch, personal message me. Paperback available AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, £3.75 Avaliable most High Street Stores, Waterstones, WHSmith, ebook, if requested I can get it in Hardback
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRP99JX/ref=rdr_kindle_...ext_tmb "Living with Lisa" is a revolutionary act. An act that can be met with hostility, exclusion and violence. It can also lead to love and understanding, transcendence, and community of a global family. I hope that by being real in truth and light, will help others to empower themselves into stepping into who you are and encourage you to share yourself with those around you.
This is a non-fiction memoir, born a girl, I had a gender identity crisis since early childhood, gravitating towards sports like soccer, shying away from feminine persuits. I literally felt trapped in my own body. My gender and self - identity issues were exasperated with a total lack of parental guidance, family in turmoil. Drfited into a life of despair, drugs, abuse, crime and imprisonment. Terrified about sharing the truth about my identity with the world. As a result I constantly sought attention from just about anyone I would encounter completely vulnerable and intimidated by people and the desprate circumstances in my life. I was constantly abused, physically and emotionally by others, amidst by own self flagellation. Finally, when I thought there was no future, a series of paranormal encounters helped Lisa to find the strength to face up to the truth, in finding a way of living a normal life in the right body.
It was during transitioning that I received messages from a proverbial light and experienced a fast spiritual awakening. I truly believe we are all guided by a higher power than ourselves, and by divine angels who show us the way. While I could not solve all the issues at one time, my step towards recovery was therapy. I came into a state of awareness after a life time of chaos, turmoil, experiencing the supernatural. This is the true story of growing up in the wrong body, and the agonising ordeal I endured in order, eventually to escape.

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Staying grounded, feeling wonderfully excited after appearing at the BBC studios with Tony fisher today this afternoon, amazing interview regarding book, 3.15pm, with much more to come press, radio and TV link to the podcast ......

It is an astonishing story, whereby I grew up as a young child suffering with gender dysphoria, family was in turmoil parents going through a divorce, and dysfunctional, my life was in turmoil, lack of guidance and direction after a life time of abuse, manipulation and intimidation, looking for attention and love, i eventually saw the proverbial light, going through a transition at 42 years old, from female to male, it was during this time I had a fast spiritual awakening, feeling confused by it all being conscious of angels only to find i am an indigo child here that has come at this important time feeling compelled to help the world and people as a global mission. There seems to be a mass spiritual awakeing on the planet for much of humanity, what seems normal is no longer normal any more, people start questioning looking outside the box, coming into a state of awareness which is happening within us and all around us. The negative emotions we have karma, and around us is removed and released, which is what happened to me, fast and spontanoeous, although for some it may happen slowly, feeling more connected to a higher vibration of divine positive energy, wanting to bring positive change in the world, for many it can be seen as a personal mission, integrity, forgiveness, compassion and love, while others its a global mission, See the world in a different perspective, my experiences with the divine, connection to it, gifts i have is to teach and heal, spread that energy, really am here to shine, bright, going to be one role model the world has never seen before, it is here now moving away from a fear based environment now to a more loving based environement, planet and all is evolving, time of celebration, for the planet,  love and light ... my story is astonishing, mixed with gender dysphoria, a calling as an indigo child, connection with the divine intertwinned with spirituality, that one needs to believe that we are all being guided, on our spiritual journeys, no matter what experience, situations, that we are truly being guided by higher power than ourselves and angels show us the way,

This book is being launched now, working with press, radio and TV, which is an astonishing story, experiencing the paranormal intertwined with spirituality, which is powerful. A non-fiction memoir.This is just the beginning, with a second book as a sequel as a continuation of this story. It is available on amazon, Barnes and noble, kindle, most high street book stores, in paper back and I can get it in hard back if requested.

Love and Light Namaste

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lee david carter


Greetings All

Welcome to my website, I'm so glad you decided to stop by. On this website I plan to feature pictures from my daily life, travels near and far, and last, but not least, my purpose here on this earth as a lightworker, is to help others recognise, develop and use there self-given god consciousness, love, compassion and wisdom. In recoginising who you are, why you are here, whats out there in the universe and many of the questions people ask, such as what is life all about ? I went through a transformation involving a gender reassignment with a series of major operations, for a long period of time. It was during this time that I had a fast spiritual awakening, in a profound way, experiencing the paranormal, in 2008 after coming from a dark place, reingeneering myself, with the support of the metaphyscial and had grown spiritually. I received messages from the divine for a much higher purpose that my being here was for an important mission, to teach, hope, spread light and love. Hence, being guided by a higher energy of vibration, experiencing energies, other occurrences such as UFOs, and ancient teachings, crop circles, telepathy, angels and messages. That I had been in a state of amnesia for a long period of time. I came to realization of who I am, as an indigo child, lightworker.

As a pleiadian, through investigation and a data of information given to me consciously, experiences, as a reincarnated soul, my mission is to be of service to humanity in bringing in light, which is information in order to heal, awaken others consciously in raising awareness in understanding the bigger picture. Creating change for the earth in making the necessary contribution as a volunteer for better communities and a better future for the planet in shattering the matrix and its sytems.

👍🙂❤ Peace, supreme love of the cosmos, love and light, Namaste

BA Degree University hertfordshire, Author, writer, presenter, mentor, Ambassador of light, lightworker, earth angel