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This ITV special show to be aired on ITV 1 and ITV 2 on March 6th, 2015, but it does not stop there, much more to come. My story is extraordinary and interesting enough regarding gender dysphoria this being gender identity. However, after a shift in consciosness and in a place darkness for last forty years, gravitated towards the proverbial light having a profound spiritual awakening, something much bigger than myself, having to cope with a life despair, abuse sexuality, feeling being alone inside, lost, coming from differnt generation, broken family parents divorce, life chaos, lack of guidance, in turmoil, searching for love, god, truth, visited by angels, experiencing the paranormal, something much bigger than myself, realized i am a star seed, with an important calling as an indigo child, lightworker, bring positive change love and light onto the planet, what you call the status quo does not fit, and far from being the norms in society. I had experienced for many years UFOs all around the world on my travels, guided ancient sites also, telepathic, psychic, ET contact, experiencer, astral travel, dream state, channelling, meditation for years, although we are all multi-dimensional beings many of us are old souls from other planets consciousness rather than earth, my connection experiences is with the Pleiades, as well as other beings, such as spirit guides, guardian angels, which have supported me through my journey and awaken me to an important mission that we all feel we have to do here. Although we do feel alone at times energies here, find it dense materialstic and hard to adapt at times, we know deep down from the heart that we assigned to be of service bring light into the world.