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There are over 800 million pages in the Google index for the phrase ‘author radio’ The Author’s Show is currently #1 in that index. The Authors Show.
This will help to reach a large audience globally in getting the message out. Since I have noticed there are many conflicting goals of authors and traditional media. I intend to present value in the form of news when it comes to the audience. MY goal is to To create credibility for the work. To demonstrate its value to the audience. To present my work to the widest possible audience worldwide. To accomplish all the above while maintaining a high level of quality. Once the show has been recorded, it will be released globally, for this amazing interview.
Books arrived Finally, I`ve had many requests for autographs directly in the pages of the book itself. If you`d like a signed copy of the paperback personal mesage me £12.50 - £3.50 UK Mainland, shipping other locations get in touch, personal message me. Paperback available AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, £3.75 Avaliable most High Street Stores, Waterstones, WHSmith, ebook, if requested I can get it in Hardback
Amazon Link: "Living with Lisa" is a revolutionary act. An act that can be met with hostility, exclusion and violence. It can also lead to love and understanding, transcendence, and community of a global family. I hope that by being real in truth and light, will help others to empower themselves into stepping into who you are and encourage you to share yourself with those around you.
This is a non-fiction memoir, born a girl, I had a gender identity crisis since early childhood, gravitating towards sports like soccer, shying away from feminine persuits. I literally felt trapped in my own body. My gender and self - identity issues were exasperated with a total lack of parental guidance, family in turmoil. Drfited into a life of despair, drugs, abuse, crime and imprisonment. Terrified about sharing the truth about my identity with the world. As a result I constantly sought attention from just about anyone I would encounter completely vulnerable and intimidated by people and the desprate circumstances in my life. I was constantly abused, physically and emotionally by others, amidst by own self flagellation. Finally, when I thought there was no future, a series of paranormal encounters helped Lisa to find the strength to face up to the truth, in finding a way of living a normal life in the right body.
It was during transitioning that I received messages from a proverbial light and experienced a fast spiritual awakening. I truly believe we are all guided by a higher power than ourselves, and by divine angels who show us the way. While I could not solve all the issues at one time, my step towards recovery was therapy. I came into a state of awareness after a life time of chaos, turmoil, experiencing the supernatural. This is the true story of growing up in the wrong body, and the agonising ordeal I endured in order, eventually to escape. 🙂