press pack Ghost TV Independent British TV Production company.. filmed in May 2017

Currently filming working with an Independent British TV Production company concerning a TV Documentary film for national broadcasting for one of the main distributors in the UK, then USA. However, this is an extraordinary story concerning the gender story, although born female, I had gender reassignment surgery at 42 years old, after 5 major operations transformed to male, bring that to the forefront alone is a task within itself, since many need to be educated regarding gender dysphoria. I was in a dark place for forty years. But it does not stop there. I came into spiritual awakening gravitating towards the proverbial light experiencing angels, spirit guides, ETs Experiencer contact astral travel, lucid dreaming, UFOs for many years. This includes all things paranormal with psychic abilities, telepathy, astral travel, channelling and meditation for years, to something much bigger, on a mission to just speak out show awareness and bring positive energies, change onto the planet. This story has an edge to it, which is extraordinary since we are living in strange, but extraordinary times, that we are living in a multi-dimensional universe, not just a multi-cultural world, since I am a starseed, came here on assignment, this being a galactic soul, and the gender story is just the platform, not the just the angel story, which I see as guides. My book was published in December 2016, this is a true non-fiction story. To show awareness in understanding harmony truth and light, and what you call the norms of society here on earth, with different perception systems here, mans survival into the 5th dimension to expand and evolve, develop and grow as a species on this planet, that we are not alone in the universe, and acknowledging that there is shift of consciousness happening all over the world, not the end of the world, change in energy. Namaste peace love and blessings to all O:)