Lee David Carter BIOGRAPHY

Author, healer, teacher, actor, TV presenter, lecturer, appeared on channel 5 ITV, National Press and BBC radio.


My name is Mr Lee David Carter I have been on quiet a journey to say the least. I was in a dark place for over forty years of my life. I went through a lifetime of abuse, homelessness, imprisonment, but firstly I was born a girl, and went through gender reassignment surgery at 42 full completion into a man. I have re-engineered myself spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well as psychologically. I came into a state of awareness and it was a feeling of knowingness away from the status quo and the systems here while going through my transformation I saw the proverbial light. Many are also coming into a state of awareness and are feeling it too, consciosuly waking up. I had a calling and connection with the angels, secondly experiencing paranormal events and a calling and connection from the higher divine to do important mission here as a lightworker, indigo child.

I then experienced UFO encounters close up outside my door about 200 yards, feeling connected and telepathic to them, through meditation that you can bring on these spaceships, felt intense love, after having a fast spiritual awakening at this time, while going through my transformation, feeling those higher vibrations I opened up to compassion, love, freedom, after being asleep so long, in a dark place, connecting with the angels and conscious of them. I felt an immense connection with the stars and telepathic with these UFOs. I now know how important it is to meditate more, be in nature away from the status quo systems here, against social consciousness the red pill, into higher state of consciousness, that brings love, forgiveness, compassion and great abundance. The path to mystery is through meditation regarding higher dimensions, sustain positive energy with the astral realms or source, god to attain a happy healthier life in every way.

I see myself as a counselor and visonary to help heal humanity, dedicated to the awakening of humanity, connecting consciousness spread love and light. Since it is now a time of change on the earth socially, economically and physically moving into a higher state of consciousness with the new energies that are here now.


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