Gazette newspaper 27/3/ Huge Story

Huge story Gazette March 27th 2017 based in Colchester, explaining events coming now within the mainstream, also story regarding the book and events coming public speaking and press. This also includes the angels story my transition experiences involved although assigned female at birth, I identifed with the opposite sex as male, suffering with a life of gender dysphoria. However, what makes this story astonishing is that it is intertwinned with spirituality regarding the transition, life choas, moving into the proverbial light, experiencing angels, and paranormal events.This also includes my presenting national TV documentary before going to America to pitch as well as appearance pitch book national TV shows and more. It was during this time while attending University going through these major changes, that I had a calling receiving messages from these celestial beings, to do some important work here on the earth, as a lightworker indigo child.