Story is this ..My journey as a starseed galactic soul, came here at this time like many others to shine our light, whatever way we can with healing, teaching, spread awareness on the planet, truth, love and light, while the planet is going through shift in consciousness, into a higher vibration of its evolvement and development. This can be seen as a dense, materialistic world, lower dimension, great changes upon the planet my gender story was just a platform, I am here sent on a mission on assignment coming from a 5th dimension this being the Pleiades, many here doing great work in many topics, and fields, even energy work and being of service to others, fully awake and aware consciously, that what seems like the established norms to many is not, with a completely different perception. Many with psychic abilities, working with the metaphysical such as channelling, telepathy, having many paranormal experiences such ET contact astral travel, working with angels, since we are living in a multi dimensional universe and not just a multi-cultural world, this applies to the universe too, since there is also a multitude of civilizations and cultures, whilst many having there own disclosure, do not need it from your governments here, love and light namaste peace love and blessings