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News above link appeared globally gaystar news .. now with the promotion of the TV documentary film .. campaign funding also .... this has been an amazing journey ...... in which i have an important message it is more than profound, to who I am, why I come from, why i am here, waking up out a state of amnesia here .. systems being a frightfully dark place last forty years of my life, awakened coming into a state of awareness, spiritually, receiving messages firstly from my spirit guides and angels, then experiencing download information ... contact UFOs experiencer .. that I am here from the pleiades .... seven star system from written in your bible text here seven sisters ... here as an indigo child lightworker ... share my energy with the world ... something i was born here for this journey... the gender story is just the platform ... to something much bigger .....  that we are not alone here at all, the universe is full of life .... beings .... many dimensions, civilizations and cultures, many are your ancestors ..since i dont fit with any religions here ... or governments for that matter, see no truth in it all ... know that we are all consciousness spirit .. come from god source, light .. the story is extraordinary ... I see myself as an ambassador light here on a mission as a starseed, show awareness, in truth love and light .. I understand human emotions and it makes me sad see poverty ..war ..violence,  cruelty all unnecessary all the programming here, all information is surpressed and false, controlled by small few malevolent beings, that feed off negativity, giving them your power, which needs to removed consciously ... instead feeding the situation, you are not cattle, you are beings light ball consciousness, need to take your power back, blessings to all