January 2019
Currently In the process working with an Independent British TV Production company concerning a TV Documentary film. However, this is an extraordinary story concerning the gender story, although born female, I had gender reassignment surgery at 42 years old, after 5 major operations transformed to male, bring that to the forefront alone is a task within itself, since many need to be educated regarding gender dysphoria. I was in a dark place for forty years. But it does not stop there. I came into spiritual awakening gravitating towards the proverbial light experiencing angels, spirit guides, ETs Experiencer UFOs for many years. This includes all things paranormal with psychic abilities, telepathy, astral travel, channelling and meditation for years, to something much bigger, on a mission to just speak out show awareness and bring positive energies, change onto the planet. To show awareness in understanding harmony truth and light, mans survival into the 5th dimension to expand and evolve, develop and grow as a species on this planet, that we are not alone in the universe.
It has been an amazing journey here as a lightworker indigo child, wanted to share some information on a series blogs, regarding this wonderful and exciting time now on the earth of change, going through a transformation, known as the age of aquarius, as many of the indigenous tribes around the world knew about, new energies coming in, mankinds evolvement into a higher consciousness, connecting all dots, real truth whats going on, and much more to this story. Already positioned well within the mainstream media since 2010. However, there is a lot more to this journey that needs to be exposed, my re-incarnation, what I signed up for as a star seed, since many signed a contract before coming here, important mission to help the planet, feeling different, and feeling of being from somewhere else other than earth, galactic connection, or galactic soul, living many lifetimes from another world rather than earth reincarnating. My coming here as a spiritual being was more than just the gender story, this was just a platform before following my mission here as a Pleiadian contactee and connection to my home roots. 
We are living in a multi-dimensional universe not just a multi cultural world, with my experiences, data information also a multi cultural universe. We are living in extraordinary times that are not only strange, but are creating a shift in consciousness and with it great changes are now upon us all on the earth. Many of us come here at this time to help with the shift, while many still waking up consciously regarding the systems here, things have to change, part of evolution new energies here now, what the religions and indigenous tribes have known for centuries, so disclosure is here now already events happening now globally. 
Namaste peace love and light 🙏🧘‍♂️

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