Getting ready for an interview live at BBC SUSSEX radio studios with Alison Ferns Monday October 8th 2018 ..

Moday October 8th 2.40pm BBC iplayer interview BBC Sussex Alison Fern show. The story has been mentioned in popular UK magaizes as well as more press to come nationally. True story into all things spiritual, it is a good read. Although it has a sad tale, tumultuous family life, and heart breaking struggles with gender identity issues. It has an impact on several levels, not only insight into gender identity issues, but also how the spirit world can enter peoples lives in the most unexpected ways, and how it works, and how all suffering will one day makes sense, we are all on a learning journey as spiritaul beings having a human experience, which is of value somehow to the soul. Can certainly be in a better position to help others, if you yourself have suffered. It is an extraordinary story packed with parnormal events and much more, gravitating towards the proverbial light, and angels, much more with a calling from a higher divinity as an indigo child.