Living with Lisa is a true story of one man’s search for identity, truth, love and light. This is the story of Lee David Carter, formerly Lisa Keepence, a man who found himself in the wrong physical body. As he went in pursuit of the perfect outer shell, he discovered his true self – and it was something he never even imagined. Lee is not from around here. He uncovered his true roots, in the stars, and finally recognized the real reason he arrived here on planet earth 50 years ago.

Lee’s story began during his adolescent years. Up until this point, Lisa had a wonderful childhood with a nurturing family that enjoyed traveling, entertaining and quiet times at home. Her world was broken apart when her parents divorced and her mother abandoned her children. While her mother abandoned her physically with no visits or phone calls, her father abandoned her emotionally with the absence of love as well as intense bouts of anger. Simultaneously, Lisa was reaching puberty and recognizing for the first time in her life that she was born in the wrong body. She was always considered a tomboy, however this epiphany didn’t occur until her physique began changing into womanhood.

With no parents available to share her secret and torment, she went searching for love in all the wrong places. She became a teenage runaway and encountered much evil in the outer world. She was devoured by people who prey upon the innocent and weak. Lisa ended up in many precarious situations including being homeless, abused, and robbed. She was not only robbed of her finances, but emotionally robbed of her teenage years and was forced into criminal activities as a way of survival.

Even though Lisa felt all alone during many years of trauma, the angels were always with her guiding and protecting her. They often left her signs such as feathers or synchronicities.These gifts allowed Lisa to unleash her true self. Through her perseverance and trust in the angels, she was able to overcome her greatest obstacles and create a new life of happiness, wisdom, love and forgiveness for all.

Lisa had a message from the angels to create the body she wanted. This message came through a friend. At this moment, she realized dreams can come true. She immediately went to speak to a doctor about becoming a boy. After 5 operations Lisa became Lee the body he truly always wanted.

The enormity of the physical transformation and the awakening to his mission here on earth was a long and arduous four year struggle that cost Lee friends and family members, but ultimately gave him the peace he had so often longed for in his life.

The story delves into the world of gender dysphoria and gender reassignment without fear as it explores spirituality in unison. Does gender define a person or is it something much deeper? Are angels among us who help us in our times of need? What does the future hold for those here on planet earth? What is Lees mission, is he being guided by a paranormal presence? Is Lees gender story and alien visitations connected?
Lee is an indigo child upgraded blue print of humanity, gifted souls on a clear mission, to challenge and shift reality, beyond psychic awareness, highly driven and creative with a perception that sees through the established norms of society.