ET story now: did not come to save me, regarding my gender, which is irrelevant working with the divine to the part of the universe I come from, there is no judgement or separation, simply came into contact with me, message for humanity save the planet, I am an indigo child/ starseed, connection to Pleiades existence on that planet, with book published speaking about my experiences over the years, now filming to expose just about everything, working with a British TV Production company that we are living in a multi-dimensional universe, although all of us are spiritual, come from many realms of existence, dimensions and planets within the universe, not just earth, not only that I have psychic abilities, have done for long time, astral travel, telepathic, lucid dreaming, much more, besides meditating for many years, working with higher self, tuned in to the higher realms, my whole journey here was for an important calling, like many others here, since earth was in trouble, nuclear bombs going off back in the 40s, the energies from the bombs would affect many of the realms in the universe, all come from god, or source, which is light, you are light beings, go back to the light, you call home, reincarnate, my coming here was already planned, you choose the lessons you need to learn, what parents you want, so forth, background ethic, this is known throughout the universe, although your religions do speak of some of the concepts, however I do not get into religions or governments here on the earth, within an inbuilt truth lie detector it does not resonate with me coming from a higher dimension consciousness since there is no truth in it. peace love and blessings love and light.