.... aired today BBC Essex story of the book started at 1.22pm on air .. many events coming up ... presently filming on location at the moment regarding TV Film Documentary ... My story is extraordinary although I was born female .. I felt like the opposite sex male, as child growing up in the 70s .. I was born 16th april 1968, so I came from a different generation where it was not heard of or spoken about. I went through a gender identity crisis .. also family dysfunctional, parents divorce ... both were not around ... and an invisible presence, no guidance or support, eventually in a mix up with wrong people and vulnerable, suffered abuse for years intimidation, I was literally in a dark place .. 40 years .. could not fit in, and felt very alone and isolated, had near death experience twice felt presence angels .. truly gifted .. such as being telepathic while going through gender reassignment surgery road to recovery from lisa to lee, gravitated towards proverbial light .. Lisa was living life  gangs, prison, drugs and alcholhic people, really had lost there light, having a profound spiritual awakening back in 2007, after going into refuge. It was then went back to University 2009, my whole life and perspective of reality had changed here on, that we live in a multi dimensional universe, after having many experiences beings .. many dimensions .. and existences .. including galactic beings with important messages and contact as an indigo child, planetary existence being pleiades my connection to it, since we all reincarnate, our existence here on earth is only short.  My message is to show awareness bring positive changes on the planet ... for the planet to transition smoothly with the shift that is happening presently .. consciously. this being, love, being united rather than seperated, since you all come from god source, living different aspects of oneself, all connected. Hence, important to be in harmony with one another, and the earth, stop the hate violence, since you are evolving, your DNA fingerprint is changing consciously, spiriritually, move away from religion, there is no seperation, moving into a higher frequency now, this happens throughout the universe, you are meant to travel the stars .. technology .. other lfe in the universe, be part of a galactic family, before you do this humanity needs to stop the wars on the planet fighting, learn to connect with love and creation as a type 1 civilization, use the technologies coming wisely as mature beings before joinging the galactic community, love and light .. to all