Southend UFO Guest speaker Lee David Carter & Angels

Public Event
Thursday April 25th, 2019, at 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Balmoral Centre, Salisbury Avenue, Westliff-on-sea
Southend-On-Sea, SSO 7AU

Story told by Lee David Carter: The Transgender Indigo child / starseed with an ET soul, Pleiadian connection, telepathically communicates with ETs and angels. Here I am this transgender man who was in a state of amnesia for long while, lost in my own identity, and in the wrong place, until 10 years ago, while going through gender transition that I had gravitated towards the proverbial light, and awoken into a state of awareness consciously, to my mission here on earth.


I started to receive messages from angels, see feathers, in many places such as the window sill, under the bed, table, deceased loved ones, and many other strange paranormal events over the years.Then ETs and higher intelligences on a paranormal level with abilities using telepathy, channelling, astral projection and psychic behaviour, from planet I felt connected to 444 light years away. Also had many UFO experiences with a soul agreement before I came here with some important work. This being my home planet the Pleiades. I found myself being guided, doing sacred site energy work at many sacred ancient sites on the earth, such as the Mayan temple 2012, Egypt Karnak temple 2011 and many more, concerning personal and planetary energy work. They were giving me the help and support I needed here, to transition, with Angels, Guides, higher intelligences, even made prayer arch angel Michael, light some candles, see UFOs very close encounters, experience contact astra pojection, orbs, flashing lights many other paranormal events, I was growing within my own spiritual development, with a realm that can not be seen in the physical form, being here is an illusion to me. I was having psychic abilities as a star seed here, reincarnated at this time, for an important calling, earth is in trouble, connected with the metaphysical, that we are living in a multi-dimensional universe. I was being re-engineered through this transition, not just the physical form. 

I repressed my dysphoria for over forty years of my life, until I got the support I needed, from these beings both angelic and non-human intelligences. Living here on this planet is so dense and materialistic never fitted in, feel out place like I do not belong here, wanting go home, feeling very sensitive and tuned in, telepathically around me. I have an inbuilt truth lie detector and can pick up on some body's energy or anything for that matter, such as media or governments.

I have had a download of information and was in training before I came here as an incarnated ET soul. They want humanity to develop and evolve, and have been on and off the planet since the beginning, in helping with your development, such as design of ancient sites, not to blow the planet up!! clean it up and stop the wars, can no longer share that concept that we are alone, since we are part of a galactic family in the universe, our ancestors being the Pleiades are just one grouping in the universe. I am not alone, there are many of us that have come here with different tasks and missions, having supernatural abilities, in one form or another that are here to help the planetary transformation, new age consciousness, in its evolvement into a higher dimension, since this is a natural law of the universe, all new energies coming in, that was comforting to know. I have come here to make a proverbial difference in the world, such as fostering societal acceptance of others differences, promote unconditional love for yourself and others, share the concept that we are not alone. To help with the  ascension process now moving into a higher dimension consciousness this being the 5th, from the 3rd dimension, such as wars, seperation race, belief belief systems here, show awareness, darker force beings here, feed off negative energy, only interested in power. greed and control, free humanity, bringing positive change on the planet, connecting consciousness, not just individually but as a collective, away from the old systems, and in doing so compel people to understand that we are all one, and were all in the helping field, after having a lifetime experiences here, even those in the darkest places.


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