My name is Mr Lee David Carter I am an earth angel / Indigo child, "Starseed" in human form since your previous existence here on the earth can be seen as a mermaids, fairies, angels and even aliens from other other planets known as star people. Then you have souls that have lived many lifetimes known as OLD SOULS here to share there knowledge and wisdom while on the other hand new souls just here to learn. Since we live in a multi-dimensional universe that has many dimensions, realms, existences and planetary existences. I am from the Pleiades existence, since you reincarnate many times, the body is just a vessel. 

I came across the idea 10 years ago, I met a complete stranger in Asda car park Hatfield, since I was student at the University Hertfordshire Hatfield just started 2009. I called her Cosmic Candy in the book, who was also an indigo child gave me some important messages from astral realms, angels, was sent to me amazing psychic abilities as an indigo child. It was during this time just started hormone therapy 2008 in the process complete transformation, to have gender reassignment surgery born female but identified with the opposite sex male, called gender dysporia. I was in a dark place for 40 years and was gravitating towards the proverbial light, after being in a state of amnesia, already experiencing paranormal encounters before hand I had a spiriitual awakening, since we forget who we are when we are born here.

Eldest sibling of three children, family became dysfunctional, parents divorce, originally born in London, finally plunged into disaster drifting into life of despair, drugs, abuse, crime and imprisonment, terrified sharing my truth with the world until i had a series paranormal encounters, to summon the strength face up to my truth. During meeting Candy I had a profound spiritual awakening come over me that day in the car park, came out of a state of Amnesia, with powerful energy that came over me, downloads knowing who I am and that I had an important purpose here, feeling rush energy run through me, felt like light bulb been switched on, which was very profound. 

I would seek and question what it is I am here to do, that many earth angels are here on purpose, this is to help humanity show awareness, realized here to help the vibration of the planet in a positive way, in helping with the shift that is happening on the planet at this time. Since we all have a purpose here on our journeys, including non-earth angels is to be happy, follow your joy, what makes you feel good switch on that light, help you move into the new energies peacefully, because of the shift presently thats why we are here. Everything is energy in the universe. When i am feeling good i want to transmute that energy into the world, so as to make you feel good, beacon of light for others. If you could imagine a lightouse at sea in order for the boats passing by see the light too. 

I just want to hug the world now, but whether you are an earth angel or not, still here on purpose, whatever role or experiences on your journey. When we are passionate about what we do, we know we are here on purpose. We go through stressful times and we make mistakes even in a world that is so unkind and cruel at times, even with earth angels here on purpose no one is perfect we are here to learn the human experience. We are simply here to help you remember who you are, need to heal, heal within yourselves. I spent many years healing, healing with my self as a divine being of light since that is what you are, receiving messages higher realms angels beings galactic to follow my mission and to help the world in which I was advised by the angels i needed to heal first. Namaste love and light to all