Mothers child feature film to be released January 2020, directed by swaylee loughlane. As mentioned on BBC radio this year as guest as well as press and other radio stations. 

The casting team recently made an appearance to the Pheonix 98FM studios this week, regarding promotion film Mothers Child. I heard the story to the film from the director, feel be huge success, very controversial ... block buster this 😂... got bit of twist to it .. lolz ... I know one of the guys TV detective drama Swaylee since we met on set casting, about year ago .. in London that was laugh ... with my cockney ascent .. perfect 4 me... the role ... to this new Film which i feel will be a huge blockbuster hit, since I was born in london, now be sharing many social networks I know. Such an amazing person for Lee David Carter to help out as much as he is doing, and also with other amazing projects he is doing. Great stuff Lee, the casting team at Mother's Child are totally overwhelmed thankyou so much. 🙂

Pleasure come on board and join this casting team. I have to say Lee Westwick on twitter  and Lee David Carterwho is positioned well within the mainstream audience are really helping to promote Mother's Child who are well known from social media. Swaylee Loughnane and Paul Gardner with the rest of the Mother’s Child casting team want to say a massive thankyou and looking forward to get the movie completed as soon as possible! Coming to the screens near you soon…  IMDB