My story .. appearance BBC 3 Counties studios September 18th evening show lovely Host Liz Flower



My name is Mr Lee David Carter I am an earth angel / Indigo child, "Starseed" in human form since your previous existence here on the earth can be seen as a mermaids, fairies, angels and even aliens from other other planets known as star people. Then you have souls that have lived many lifetimes known as OLD SOULS here to share there knowledge and wisdom while on the other hand new souls just here to learn. Since we live in a multi-dimensional universe that has many dimensions, realms, existences and planetary existences. I am from the Pleiades existence, since you reincarnate many times, the body is just a vessel. 

I came across the idea 10 years ago, I met a complete stranger in Asda car park Hatfield, since I was student at the University Hertfordshire Hatfield just started 2009. I called her Cosmic Candy in the book, who was also an indigo child gave me some important messages from astral realms, angels, was sent to me amazing psychic abilities as an indigo child. It was during this time just started hormone therapy 2008 in the process complete transformation, to have gender reassignment surgery born female but identified with the opposite sex male, called gender dysporia. I was in a dark place for 40 years and was gravitating towards the proverbial light, after being in a state of amnesia, already experiencing paranormal encounters beforehand, It was during this time that I had a spiriitual awakening, since we forget who we are when we are born here, and reincarnate many times.

Eldest sibling of three children, family became dysfunctional, parents divorce, originally born in London, finally plunged into disaster drifting into life of despair, drugs, abuse, crime and imprisonment, terrified sharing my truth with the world until i had a series paranormal encounters, to summon the strength face up to my truth. During meeting Candy I had a profound spiritual awakening come over me that day in the car park, came out of a state of Amnesia, with powerful energy that came over me, downloads knowing who I am and that I had an important purpose here, feeling rush energy run through me, felt like light bulb been switched on, which was very profound, came out of my body went back in. 

I would seek and question what it is I am here to do, that many earth angels are here on purpose, this is to help humanity show awareness, realized here to help the vibration of the planet in a positive way, in helping with the shift that is happening on the planet at this time. Since we all have a purpose here on our journeys, all earth angels, that is to be happy, follow your joy, what makes you feel good switch on that light, help you move into the new energies peacefully, because of the shift presently thats why we are here. Everything is energy in the universe. When i am feeling good i want to transmute that energy into the world, so as to make you feel good, beacon of light for others. If you could imagine a lightouse at sea in order for the boats passing by see the light too. 

I just want to hug the world now, but whether you are an earth angel or not, still here on purpose, whatever role or experiences on your journey. When we are passionate about what we do, we know we are here on purpose. We go through stressful times and we make mistakes even in a world that is so unkind and cruel at times, even with earth angels here on purpose no one is perfect we are here to learn the human experience. We are simply here to help you remember who you are, need to heal, heal within yourselves. I spent many years healing, healing with my self as a divine being of light since that is what you are, receiving messages higher realms angels beings galactic to follow my mission and to help the world in which I was advised by the angels i needed to heal first. Namaste love and light to all hand

So here goes now getting ready to make an appearance back at the studios BBC 3 Counties September 18th in the evening with lovely Host Liz Flower, regarding updates to the story with an exclusive interview about journey and purpose here. 

I recently did a book signing event at Waterstones Brentwood, Essex as well as Bishops Stortford recently and appeared on Radio at the studios of pheonix 98FM with host Nick fields to discuss many events and my story also. Firstly, I spoke about the TV documentary film, "Living with Lisa" filming on location in which I did a public speaking event recently which is an extraordinary story, to be screened this year national TV distribution. This also includes sit down press interview to discuss events and the story itself early September. I also mentioned the publisher in the USA with scond book as a sequel to the story itelf. I am now making public appearances BBC radio and recently just appeared Pheonix 98FM September 11th 2019 this also includes press discuss other events.

I also discussed the TV show "Radical Transformation" season 3 which will be distributed on Prime Amazon and other distribution networks concerning body fitness transformations this could be for health or both health and fitness such as a six pack muscle build, self confidence many other reasons. I simply wanted to do it for my own personal health being over weight for years going through gender reasignment surgery, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and to inspire others live there light. Hence, since the body or temple divine terms, is an important vessel to sustain you for the rest of your life, it needs to be looked after as a machine. On March 15th started course supplements muscle build as well as aloe vera and apple cider vinegar 3 tablespoons day, and Keto diet with natural fats, no carbs or sugars lost 31 pounds in 10 weeks. Working with Director James Hergott IMDB based in Canada, filming on key snap shots, on location concerning contestants, already wowed him second month. Many fail after 3 months without positive mindset my spirit, who I am that will not happen. 

Then I mentioned film role I could not refuse offered a part in a film called Mothers Child in meeting a great casting team directed and produced by Swaylee Loughlane IMDB and Paul Gardner and looking who are forward to getting the film premier soon to be screened. I saw the script of the film which is not only very controversial but has many twists to it and feel it will be huge blockbuster hit and successful. I met Swaylee elsewhere about year ago on set TV detective drama, then of course in press in which I went into International Feature film "final score" as a supporting artist in which Swaylee was there too, released Setptember 7th 2018, followed by press A class actors David Bautiste and Pierce Brosman.

I did a follow up after appearing August 7th short interview, 11th September evening exclusive at the studios 7.30pm aired at 8pm on air by then with an update of events, all lastest gossip being followed by TV and press with events, as well as touring and making appearances, in which I appeared on BBC radio 3 Counties radio with host and TV presenter Anna Williams April 15th day before my 51st birthday to discuss my story and events at the studio as well as appearing on BBC Essex radio with Host Tony Fischer. I am an indigo child here starseed here on purpose since we live in a multi dimensional universe, and the planet is going through a shift right now, change in energy. I am gifted connected with angels, galactics all things paranormal, simply had calling on my journey, this being a true story, non-fiction to spread the light on the planet, show awareness and bring positive change in the world, love being the most important since that will teach you, have more empathy in the world, stay tuned.