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For sure.  So far there have been 30 episodes at a rate of roughly 3 stories per episodes, that's 90 or so successful transformations thus far!    The only thing we don't cover is the coaching.  The coach prices are $200 US a month with first and last month upfront.  It's a reputable coach who you wont be disappointed with.  It includes ongoing training diet coaching customized to you and updated each month as you progress, unlimited SMS interaction, weekly check-ins and constant oversight, monthly Skype calls and unlimited form checks.   We have prizes for the show (as voted by the viewers as well as me as director) as well as sponsors who provide free stuff.  It's worth it, if not for the coaching alone let alone the show.  I am interested in your story but I bring up all of the costs and rights ahead of time to weed out anyone who is not willing to participate under those conditions and then I select the best 30 stories and proceed from there.  Just in the interest of transparency.  For season 3 as part of our new Amazon Prime deal, we are doing something special.  We have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place grand prize totalling $250k+ US in total cash and prizes.  First place viewer's choice is voted by viewers as best transformation.  This is $150k US Cash plus Expedia CruiseShipCentre all inclusive cruise trip for two plus professional photoshoot with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Carmine Groe.  2nd place is second best viewer's choice as voted by viewers as best transformation.  This is $50k US Cash plus Porsche Macan SUV plus professional photoshoot with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Carmine Groe.  Third place is director's choice and is based on most drastic transformation and must be a different person than 1st and 2nd place.  This prize is $25k US Cash plus professional photoshoot with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Carmine Groe.  Top ten get sponsor prize pack and photo shoot with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Carmine Groe.  
The show is on Amazon Prime and various other distribution windows to be announced (30 episodes have been released so far on NPC and Amazon Prime).  Distribution partners include MY Spotlight Independent and Lateflix (distributor for Amazon US & UK).  Amazon link:
All the coaching is online and includes meal plan and training program customized to you.  You can train anywhere.  We come and film you at a couple of key points.  If you decide to no longer participate or are unable to participate, you only have to pay the coach for the months you have used.   Most transformations take approximately 8 months but of course is highly customized based on goals and starting point.
As far as filming once you have stuck with the program a bit then we film your introduction.  We are not following you 24/7.  It's more about capturing snap shots in time.  Kind of like a living breathing "before" and "after" with a bit of journey along the way.  So we schedule filming with you, but it's spread out over time to tell the story in a concise way that actually takes place over several months.  We have people on the show with a variety of goals, some want to do a bodybuilding contest, some have a goal to run a marathon, some to do a photoshoot, for most people the end goal is getting in shape and better health.  
Here's a promo video I just put out that gives some details and background as well:
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Timeframe wise, filming finishes end of 2019.  Then from there the episodes are released over the next 6 months and winners announced roughly in 1.5 years.  The show competition is based on transformations and stories.  People competing is it's own thing and some may want to do a bodybuilding/fitness contest but there is no obligation too, that is just simply a goal of some of the competitors.  When it comes to that we are affiliated with the NPC/IFBB because of distribution.  
Another thing, and this is personal from my experience.  I used to "workout" for years.  I would achieve some results.  I decided to do a contest as a bucket list thing and got a coach.  There is something about working with an expert as well as having a finite goal such a contest or something like this show that gives a sense of urgency that is almost impossible to replicate.  For example imagine how you would hit a bag at the gym for fun vs. how you would hit a bag with a coach and knowing you have a boxing match coming up.  This is how I looked at my first contest.. and as much as I tried to fool myself before that I never really got anywhere close to this on my own.  For one thing I greatly underestimated my body fat and what it would really take to achieve this.  The fear of failure drove me in a subconscious way that can not be explained and I was never able to achieve prior to getting that serious.   The show in my opinion will do that for most people who become a part of it.
The good news is that usually the type of things you would be eating would be a lot cheaper than eating out etc.  Also, and there is no guarantee of this, but we have had sponsors in the past such as pre prep food companies, supplement companies, protein bar companies, $450 watches for each participant..  etc.  Each season is different.  Typically though participants have come out ahead financially.  And that is on top of the prizes which are ridiculous to people who complete and those who place!
Of course the cost of a gym membership if you don't already have one and things like multivitamins, fish oil etc.  But you can buy whatever brand.  And all of these things are frankly things you should be doing always for your long term health.  You will really like the guys you will be working with and I am confident you will see value in change. It is hard to put a value on health, quality of life and confidence so people tend to focus on the cost and not realize the overall value.  When something goes wrong health wise, people typically panic but then often it is too late to go back and build years of habits that result in that happening. So there is always a cost to any choice in life.  One can pay now and be preventative or pay later when lifestyle catches up.